Yakima Go-Karts

Driver -$6.00
Passenger – $2.00
Kart book (10 kart driver tickets) – $50
Must be 58″ to drive.
Must be 16 years of age to take a passenger.

To keep all of our customers safe while on the 5 minute kart ride, you must abide by a few rules:

  1. They are go-karts not bumper karts. Intentionally bumping even once could send you out with no refund. More than one accidental bump, same result.
  2. There are two traffic lights on the track, yellow is 2 remaining laps, red is final lap. At the end of final lap, come into the pit slowly and remain seated until you hear the signal.
  3. If your kart stops, stalls or spins out, stay seated and we will be out to assist you.
  4. Gas is on the right, brake is on the left. Please know where those two are at all times!